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Violin and Orchestra Section 2022

Repertory and Rounds Schedule
From Friday, 1st July to Monday, 7th November 2022 Candidates have to video record the first movement of a violin concerto selected from the following list: J. S. Bach: No.1 in A minor BWV 1041, No.2 in E major BWV 1042 L. van Beethoven: D major Op.61 J. Brahms: D major Op.77 M. Bruch: No.1 in G minor Op.26 F. Mendelssohn: E minor Op.64 W. A. Mozart: No.1 in B - flat major K 207, No.2 in D major K 211, No.3 in G major K 216, No.4 in D major K 218, No.5 in A major K 219 N. Paganini: No.1 in D major Op.6, No.2 in B minor Op.7 S. Prokofiev: No.2 in G minor Op.63 C. Saint - Saëns: No.3 in B minor Op.61 J. Sibelius: D minor op.47 P.I. Tchaikovsky: D major Op.35 G.B. Viotti: No.22 in A minor. The video must be recorded from an angle that doesn’t change, no edits are allowed and the performer has to be clearly visible. Once uploaded as unlisted video on YouTube platform the link of the video must be submitted to the secretariat of the competition together with all the documents listed at point 2 of the regulation. Candidates must not remove their videos until the end of the competition at least. The results of the online round will be announced on Sunday 13th November 2022 . * if candidates cannot video record the first movement of the concerto due to the ongoing Covid–19 restrictions, they are allowed to submit another work for violin and piano even recorded before the pandemic outbreak. In this case they must also submit the video recording of the cadenza from the first movement of the concerto selected to be performed in the Live Rounds on stage. Tuesday, 6th December 2022 Rehearsals with the accompanist pianist of the 10/14 candidates selected from the “online” round. The organizing committee will provide candidates an accompanist pianist: private accompanists are allowed but at total candidates’ charge. Wednesday, 7th December 2022 Candidates will perform, with a pianist, the second and the third movements of the violin concerto. Thursday, 8th December 2022 FINAL ROUND WITH ORCHESTRA (3 finalists) Candidates admitted to the final round will perform the whole concerto with the “Antonio Vivaldi” Orchestra.
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Teatro Civico - Varallo (VC)
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