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Piano Section 2020

Repertory and Rounds Schedule
From Wednesday , 1st July 2020 to Saturday , 31st October 2020 Candidates have to video record a free program lasting 30 minutes including a Romantic work . The video must be recorded from an angle that doesn’t change, no edits are allowed and the hands and the face of the performer have to be clearly visible. Once uploaded as unlisted video on YouTube platform the link of the video must be submitted to the secretariat of the competition together with all the documents listed at point 2 of the regulation. Candidates must not remove their videos until the end of the competition at least. The results of the online round will be announced on Thursday , 5th November 2020 . The 12 finalists have to video record their final round program (30’ maximum time including a movement of a Sonata by Beethoven, Clementi, Haydn or Mozart no more than one work performed in the previous selection can be played again) uploading it as “unlisted video” on Youtube platform and sending the link to info@valsesiamusica.com within Monday , 7th December 2020 . Candidates will be excluded from the final if their own video will not meet the following mandatory requirements: it must be a new recording expressly made for the final of 36th Valsesia Musica International Piano Competition 2020 (it is not allowed submitting old recordings or part of the first round video) before starting their performance candidates must introduce themselves as finalists of 36th Valsesia Musica International Piano Competition 2020 video and audio must be created by the same device (it is only allowed to connect another better quality microphone to the device), cannot be edited and the sound must fully match the movement of the fingers, no desynchronization between video and audio is permitted no video effects (as motion blur, guassian blur, fade, sharpen, transition, subtitles, etc.) nor video and audio editings are allowed even between finalists’ introduction and the start of their performance the whole program must be performed and recorderd from the beginning to the end with no breaks the video must be recorded in one single shot where keyboard face and hands of the performer must be clearly visible as in the image indicated: Click or tap thumbnail to view On Monday , 14th December 2020 after the Jury will have viewed the videos and assigned the awards, the results will be available at the website of the competition. Diplomas will be sent by mail and prizes paid by bank transfer .
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Online round:

“Online” Final Round: