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Violin and Orchestra Section

Repertory and Rounds Schedule Teatro Civico - Varallo (VC)
Sunday ,  13th May 2018   10:00 a.m. Convocation,   documents   examination,   drawing   and   practising with the accompanist pianist. Monday ,  14th May 2018/Tuesday ,  15th May 2018 FIRST ROUND Candidates   will   perform,   with   a   pianist,   the   first   movement   of a violin concerto selected from the following list: J.   S.   Bach:      No.1   in   A   minor   BWV   1041,   No.2   in   E   major   BWV 1042 L. van Beethoven:  D major Op.61 J. Brahms:  D major Op.77 M. Bruch:  No.1 in G minor Op.26 F. Mendelssohn:  E minor Op.64 W.   A.   Mozart:      No.1   in   B   -   flat   major   K   207,   No.2   in   D   major   K 211,   No.3   in   G   major   K   216,   No.4   in   D   major   K   218,   No.5   in   A major K 219 N. Paganini:  No.1 in D major Op.6, No.2 in B minor Op.7 S. Prokofiev:  No.2 in G minor Op.63 C. Saint - Saëns:  No.3 in B minor Op.61 J. Sibelius:  D minor op.47 P.I. Tchaikovsky:  D major Op.35 G.B. Viotti:  No.22  in A minor. The   organizing   committee   will   provide   candidates   with an     accompanist     pianist:     private     accompanists     are allowed but at total candidates’ charge. Wednesday ,  16th May 2018 Semi-finalists’ rehearsals with the accompanist pianist. Thursday ,  17th May 2018 SECOND ROUND (Semi-final) Candidates   admitted   to   the   second   round   will   perform,   with   a pianist,   the   second   and   the   third   movements   of   the   violin concerto. Friday ,  18th May 2018 FINAL ROUND WITH ORCHESTRA Candidates         admitted         to         the         final         round         will         perform        the   whole concerto  with  the  “Antonio Vivaldi”  Orchestra.
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